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Who We Are

ipNX is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing Information and Communications Technology companies, serving a multitude of needs across enterprises, small businesses and residents with innovative, world-class services.

Our ability to identify, satisfy and exceed today’s market needs is a testament to over a decade of experience, our commitment, drive and passion realized through highly skilled and well seasoned professionals.

We currently provide a number of solutions to various industries and market segments using industry-leading technology.

Over the years, the company has vastly expanded its investments in infrastructure, points-of-presence, product portfolio and work-force, acquiring a variety of licenses that address present and future demands, both locally and globally. We also proffer complementary IT solutions to our customers


Over the years ipNX has been at the pioneering forefront of the ICT industry with a track record of innovativeness.

Established in 2002, by a set of young visionary engineering professionals, ipNX was established with a strategic vision of empowering individuals and businesses through ICT like never before.

Our core operations was enterprise solutions led delivering bulk internet and data connectivity alongside other services to leading industries such as Oil and Gas, Banking and others until 2006, when a revolutionary retail market-based product (iwireless Broadband) was introduced which enabled us deliver reliable high-speed broadband internet, pioneering non-line-of-sight, plug and play and telephony all packaged in an indoor customer premises equipment. A move that has defined today’s fixed wireless retail market.

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Statement from the Group Managing Director

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Ejovi Aror

Group Managing Director

Bimpe Olaleye

Group Executive Director, Commercials

Folashade Efiong-Bassey

Group Executive Director, HR & Corporate Services

Oluwaseun Charles Oluboyo

Chief Technology Architect, Research and Systems Architecture.

George Aremu

Chief Finance Officer

Segun Okuneye

Divisional CEO, ipNX Business

Kene Eneh

Divisional CEO, ipNX Retail

Chris Oputteh

Divisional CEO, ipNX Infrastructure

Core Credentials

ipNX has a proven track record of meeting the connectivity needs of her customers through the provision of ICT solutions that are Reliable, and Cost-Effective; possessing High-Speed, High Availability and Wide Coverage; backed-up with 24/7 support.

Our network is designed and optimised to facilitate all business processes, with multiple access channels and built-in back-up services at every point of connection, to give you all the assurances you need.

This is possible because we deliver our services over 3 (three) independent submarine fibre backbone cables, all setup in auto fail-over mode.

More so, we operate a fully redundant IP/MPLS Core with a blend of Fixed Wireless Access and End-to-End Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) network platforms to deliver last-mile telecommunications services directly to our customers.

Furthermore, our connectivity services are secure, supported diligently by a dedicated support team and guided by industry-leading service level agreements.

Through its expansive infrastructure build blueprint, ipNX continues to make her contribution towards the actualisation of the National Broadband Plan (NBP) one of whose focus is to provide 90% broadband penetration within Nigeria by 2025.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Cutting edge Retail and Enterprise Connectivity Solutions
  • Over 40,000 residential and enterprise customers
  • Over 800km of cutting-edge fibre-optic cable infrastructure
  • Dependable service provider to the financial services sector, connecting all banks in Nigeria, Central Bank, InterSwitch & NIBSS


To be the preferred communications and IT enabler in Africa and beyond. We will do this by providing services with boundless possibilities.


Leveraging technology to create innovative solutions that help mankind thrive.

We will revolutionize communications and IT through continuous innovation; providing the highest quality of service that will give our customers unsurpassed value in a cost-effective and responsible manner.

We shall attract the best talent and provide the enabling environment for our staff to exploit their full potential.

Our value creation shall provide prosperity to all stakeholders and the community in general.

Core Values

Customer Obsession

We obsess about our customers, and how to meet their requests. We pay attention to every detail that concerns them, with patience, true care, concern, constant follow up and follow through. We start and end all we do with our customers in mind.


We are willing to try something new; venture into unchartered territories; have a sense of adventure; dare to be different.

Can-Do Spirit

We believe that anything is possible! With hard work and strong commitment, there is nothing we cannot achieve.


By working together, we complement each other’s diversity and achieve more.


We constantly innovate in our processes, technology, products and services to deliver value.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously look to improve everything we do.

Bias for Action

Speed matters in business. We push relentlessly for desired outcomes and focus on results because we know that the process is not the output! We value calculated risk-taking.


We are committed to relentlessly pursue excellence.

Continuous Learning

We continuously improve our skills and knowledge in order to remain the best at what we do.

Respect for the Individual

We create an open and enabling environment where different opinions can be expressed without fear because we value the contribution of everybody at every level and acknowledge our rights to diversity, yet are united in achieving our corporate goals.


At all times, we will exhibit strict compliance to the tenets of our profession and work environment.


We deliver on promises to ourselves, clients and colleagues, holding ourselves to high levels of ethical behaviour.


Ownership is about taking responsibility and accepting accountability. Everyone is accountable for the timeliness and quality of an outcome designated to him or her, even when working with others.


We are committed to achieving more with less, without compromising on quality. Our frugality inspires us to be resourceful, innovative and self-sufficient.

Exciting Work Environment

We believe that our workplace should also be fun and creative, making it a place where people want to be every minute; where ideas thrive. This makes us more productive and keeps us engaged.

Quality Policy Statement

We at ipNX Nigeria LTD, dedicate ourselves to successfully and consistently provide quality products and services that meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

We're proud of our achievements and the team behind them. We've won awards throughout the world for service excellence, customer service and innovation.
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Our Clientele
Serving our clients; including individuals, corporations, private equity firms, and government organizations is a privilege and responsibility that we do not take lightly.
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Come join a world where work is not a burden. Technology. Innovation. Professionalism. Exciting work environment. It is all here at ipNX.
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Our core business is to proffer last-mile telecommunications services while providing complimentary IT solutions to enhance business operations.
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Corporate Social Responsibility
We are committed to supporting State Governments in the areas of health- care and education in the communities that we serve.
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