Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi is our ubiquitous solution that uses the IEE 802.11 standards to allow devices to communicate in a wireless local area network.

Users can connect to the Internet via their laptops, tablets, mobile phones, servers and any Wi-Fi enabled device when within ipNX hotspot zones.

We have 2 business models under this solution:

  1. Enterprise Wi-Fi

With Enterprise Wi-Fi, we can build our customers’ network for them from scratch if they don’t have an existing network infrastructure or integrate our platform with their existing network to provide a safe, seamless and secure network for them, their staff and customers.

  1. Event Wi-Fi

The Event Wi-Fi model caters for customers who need Wi-Fi support for a specified period of time say one – day, week, and month or even recurrently over a period of time say, months or years. It is provisioned for organisations needing this solution at a venue of their choice for attendees or their customers.

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