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The ipNX Home Phone is a complimentary service added to your Broadband Internet plan, enabling voice calls to local and international destinations. Calls to other ipNX numbers (On-Net Calls) are absolutely free!

What is included with ipNX home phone?

1 or 2 complimentary voice lines (depending on your service plan), Crystal clear voice calls, FREE on-net calls, Conference Calls, Affordable call rates for external calls (Fixed, Mobile & International destinations)

Does my ipNX Home Phone service include a phone box?

A phone box is not included with our Home Phone service at this present time. You can purchase an analog or dect phone box from any retail store to use with our service.

Do I need ipNX Internet to get ipNX Home Phone?

Yes, you will need an active ipNX FOS Residential Internet plan. ipNX Home Phone is a complimentary bundled phone service that is attached to our FOS Residential Internet Plans.

What do you mean by FREE on-net calls?

Free on-net calling means that you will be able to call any other ipNX home or business customer FREE of charge. You will also be able to call our 24/7 call centre for FREE.

What are the Call Charges for calls outside of the ipNX network (including mobile & international calls)

How do I recharge my home phone line for making external calls?


2.      Via Quickteller: https://www.quickteller.com/ipNX

3.      ipNX Customer Self-Service Portal (CSSP): https://self-service.ipnxnigeria.net/

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