Residential Broadband

Unlimited service plans tailored for your home.

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Superfast internet speeds designed for your home

Keep the family connected with unlimited service plans tailored for your home. Upload, download, stream music and videos and play high-quality games with amazing speeds at bargain prices.

What you can get with ipNX Residential Broadband

Switching to the ipNX Residential Broadband plans today saves you money. Our plans are pocket-friendly, allowing you to stay connected for as low as ₦14,835. You also get to enjoy:

Superfast internet service
Unlimited browsing
Strong and reliable connection
Strong & reliable connection
One free phone line to make free on-net calls
One free phone line

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Fibre Residential Broadband?

Enjoy high speeds of up to 1Gbps for all your surfing needs. With the increasing availability of high bandwidth applications such as HD video streaming, ipNX Fibre Optic Service (FoS) Home Broadband will provide you with just the speed to meet your needs.

Am I eligible to sign up?

To sign up for ipNX Fibre Broadband, your premises would need to be in an area where ipNX has installed its infrastructure to enable us serve you. To check for service availability, please click here or contact us here.

I do not have a fibre optic termination point installed at my home yet, what can I do to sign up for ipNX FOS Fibre Broadband?

If your premise is certified ready for service, ipNX will arrange for the fibre termination point to be installed by our contractors when you sign-up for any of our High Speed Fibre Broadband plans.

Are there any monthly bandwidth caps or data usage limitations for ipNX FOS Fibre Broadband?

No, all the home plans come with unlimited data usage.

How long does it take to activate my High Speed Fibre Broadband?

It will take approximately 3 working days in locations with network coverage (subject to scope of installation required for activation of service).