Get your Gig on with Nigeria’s fastest Broadband Internet series .

Xtreme 01

Lightning fast speed, limitless connection, wherever you live or work.

Unlock an enriched broadband experience with our flagship broadband series –  FOS Xtreme, which is designed to meet all your broadband connectivity needs. FOS Xtreme offers the fastest Internet speed in Nigeria, enabling new possibilities & digital experiences for work, learning & entertainment.


Unlimited Internet access
24/7 Priority Support
Two free phone lines

Xtreme Productivity

Download and transfer large files in seconds.

Xtreme Entertainment

Stream multiple movies and shows in ultra-HD (4K) quality.

Xtreme Gaming

Enjoy high performance, low-latency and lag-free gaming

Xtreme SME

Empower your office with 2 complimentary phone lines and 1 static IP