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DDNS stands for “Dynamic Domain Name System.” With it, you can conveniently setup connection to your devices such as IP Cameras, DVR, Video Games, Baby Monitors etc. or Services e.g. Websites, and retain constant access to them.

The DDNS service works by allowing you to map the IP Addresses on your Internet modem (which change frequently) to our Domain Name Server such that you can remotely access your home or office network devices and services.

Therefore, if for any reason, the IP Address on your Internet modem changes, the change is automatically captured and updated on our Domain Name Server so that you don’t lose connection to any of your devices or services.

With the DDNS service, you will be able to retain constant connection to your devices e.g. IP Cameras, DVR, Video Games, Baby Monitors etc. or Services e.g. Websites on free-of-charge basis, without incurring extra cost to buy static IP address (es) to connect any one of them.

No, you don’t have to pay to use the DDNS service. Once you are on our (1) Unlimited Mini service plan and above for the Residential plans; OR (2) Advantage Preferred and Advantage Premium service plans for SME plans, you will be able to gain access to it for free. 

If your devices can connect with your Internet modem wirelessly, it is advisable that you do so. However, if your devices use the LAN port, you can connect them to any of the ports on your modem, especially Port No 1.

Not necessarily. Your DDNS service will be activated remotely from our office. However, it is possible that our engineers may need to visit your premises to activate the service. If that be the case, you will be informed in advance.

It takes 72 hours for your DDNS service request to be activated.

Yes, your use of the DDNS service will count towards the consumption of your data allowance.

You can reach DDNS service support by sending an email to: support@ipnxnigeria.net or: calling 01-6281111.

Take note of the following when filling the DDNS form on the Customer Self-Service Portal (CSSP):

  • Check the user manual of your device for the parameters in the table below, fill out the form and submit.
  • We realize that you may not be able to supply all the information required. However, at the least, you are expected to fill the required fields with Asterisk (*) before submitting the form.
  • For any of your devices such as IP cameras that requires more than 1 device port, separate each device port number you specify by comma sign (,).
  • Specify other device ports except “80” and “443,” which are reserved for us. So, if your device has port “80” or “443” already configured for it by default, kindly change it to any other number before proceeding to fill this form.
  • For the “Domain Name Prefix” field, enter only the “yourname” part of your Domain Name. Our system will automatically supply the rest for you i.e. “.ddns.ipnxng.net”
  • You will only be allowed to create just ONE Domain Name Prefix to use for all your devices and services. This can subsequently be updated or deleted as you wish.
  1. Visit https://self-service.ipnxnigeria.net
  2. Login to your user account.
  3. Click on MANAGE SERVICES.
  5. Read the message appearing on the screen and click on CONTINUE.
  6. Read the notes appearing on the screen, fill out the form below and click on SUBMIT.

Note: You will get a message on the screen that says, “Your request has been received and will be attended to within 72 hours!”

Yes, the model of your Internet modem can work with the DDNS service. In fact, this is true for all our modems.

Once your DDNS service is activated, you can access your specified device(s) by copying and pasting the following URL in your Web browser using the following format:

http://yourname.ddns.ipnxng.net:Device Port

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