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There are over a 100 speed test servers across the internet with different specifications. Severs owned by different companies are either located far away from you or cannot be trusted with Performance. Hence we recommend ipNX servers as this is closely monitored by ipNX. This server is setup in partnership with ookla Speed test servers.

The most accurate results are received when connected directly to the internet via a direct cable from your computer to your modem provisioned port.

Do ensure that you are not downloading or uploading anything during the test duration and also ensure that any other programs running on using the internet are closed.

For a static IP service, you will need to configure the static IPs given to you at service activation on your connected laptop (contact ipNX TAC for assistance if you assistance with this). For other services, you will obtain an IP address automatically from the modem.

The direct connection test enable you eliminate possible issues over your network which includes failing router or channel interference over the WiFi.

This will state the true speed delivered by ipNX to your premise

Your internet speed is the speed between your computer and the internet. It is measured in Megabit per second (Mbps). This is how fast you can download or upload files to and from the internet. E.g opening a webpage (download), sending a mail (upload). This is not same as your data allowance measured in Megabytes (MB) as this infers how much you can download or upload from and to the internet


This test measures the speed between your computer and the Internet and can help you determine if you should take steps to improve performance. It does not measure the speed between your computer and the ipNX network. It measures upload speed (speed of sending a file  or webpage to the internet), download speed (speed of retrieving a file or webpage from the internet) and latency (the delay observed in reaching the internet).

Run the speed test using www.ipnxnigeria.speediest.net, selecting ipNX as the speed test server. You could also navigate speed test via support from the ipNX website.

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