Fibre Optic Service

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FOS stands for Fibre Optic Service. The service delivers broadband internet access as well as other services such as telephony. It is built on a 100% fibre-optic cable network that is directly connected to your home or office which makes it more reliable with faster broadband speeds than wireless services such as 4G.

Fibre-optic cables are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that are arranged in bundles called optical cables and transmit tremendously high capacity of digital information over long distances.?

Connecting fibre-optic cabling directly to your home or office enables extremely high-speed access to the internet and empowers you to manage a bandwidth-demanding tasks and applications in the office and at home with a reliable connection.

The answer is no. Wireless solutions (unlike fibre-optic cables) are susceptible to signal fluctuations and weather conditions which affect the quality of service. Also, they have limited bandwidth capacity which translates to network congestion and slow internet connectivity.

FoS is faster, more reliable and gives you more value for money. Moreover, upgrading is very easy as customers with current subscriptions get FREE installation and FREE modem swap.

The faster your internet connection, the faster you get things done, the simpler some tasks become and the more you get to do online.

ipNX will lay a fibre-optic cable from our network to your premises which may involve a site survey and civil works.

This is a regular digital telephone landline service with standard features such as caller ID, call waiting and conference calling. You get crystal-clear audio quality and benefits such as free calls to any subscriber on the ipNX voice network.

Calls to all networks in Nigeria (land and mobile) costs N12.50/min while international call starts from N6.99/min. Click here for information on Call Rates

The volume of information your business is allowed to use over your Broadband connection each month. Usage is measured in ‘GB’ also known as Gigabytes.

Yes you can. Please contact for more information on dedicated bandwidths. For unlimited data allowance packages Residents can Click Here while SMEs can Click Here

This is government taxation on consumer spending which applies to the service offered according to Nigerian law.

Typically we shall install your service within 7 days from the date we receive your payment. However, this may vary based on unforeseen challenges that could arise from obtaining access permits and/or the level of civil works that may be involved but you will surely be carried along.

This is a pre-paid service, therefore all payments are made in advance.

The validity period for all subscriptions is either 30 days or the period in which your data allowance is depleted; whichever comes first.

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