Data Allowance For SME Plans

1. Which plan is best suited for SME Internet usage?

For Small and Medium Enterprise use, please choose any of our SME plans that best suit your connectivity needs.
Our FOS Xtreme Unlimited plans offer unrivalled superfast Internet speed, suitable for optimum office use.

2. What is ipNX’s monthly usage allowance on SME plans?

FOS Service Plans (SME Plans)

Monthly Data Allowance

Starter Preferred


Advantage Basic


Advantage Preferred


Advantage Premium


Ultimate Basic


Ultimate Preferred


Ultimate Premium


If you exceed your monthly usage allowance for any of the SME plans above, your service will stop working and advisory emails will be sent to your primary email address. If you exceed your usage allowance for two months in a row, we will advice you to upgrade to a higher and more suitable plan. To monitor your data usage, kindly login to the ipNX Self Service Portal here –

Once you Login to the Self Service Portal, click on Manage Services then select view your data usage to monitor your daily data usage.