Enterprise Telephony

Enterprise Telephony is our high quality voice service targeted at medium to large scale organizations that would like to use IP (Internet Protocol) to maximize the use of their broadband connections and virtual private networks (VPN).

Typically these are business customers with multiple branch offices in different parts of Nigeria (and even around the world) that are currently expending huge sums of money on local as well as long-distance telephone calls.

This service is delivered as:

  • SIP Trunk or xE1 PRI Trunks: The SIP trunks gives the required level of scalability for multiple voice channels for concurrent calls while the xE1 multiples of 30 channel voice lines.
  • Direct-In-Dial SIP lines: Voice solution for customers who require a direct line for personal or business use.

It can be accessed either via the Internet or through organization’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) provided by ipNX and can be packaged to suit your day-to-day business requirements. Organizations that subscribe to the service, enjoy FREE inter-branch (within and outside Nigeria) voice communication.

It can be deployed to seamlessly integrate with existing Analogue or IP-based PBXs or soft switches for effective branch-wide communications.

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