I am having trouble connecting to the Internet. What should I do?

Have problems connecting to the internet? Let’s get you back online right away. Firstly, carry out the checks below:

  • Check if your modem is powered on. (How do you know the modem is powered on)
  • Check if all cables are connected correctly
  • Check your modem for any indication of a fibre fault – Depending on your type of router:
    (A) You will either see a RED light on the LOS indicator or observe that both the PON and Optical lights are off.
    (B) If you observe any of the options in (A), kindly send a mail immediately to support@ipnxnigeria.net or a WhatsApp message to 09096936884 to get prompt attention.

Did you recently reboot or factory reset the modem?

1. If you did a reboot, kindly wait for two minutes, then try to connect.

2. If you did a modem reset, kindly send a mail to support@ipnxnigeria.net stating that you require a reconfiguration after a modem reset.

You can also try to plug an Ethernet cable from your computer to the modem, wait 30 seconds and try to connect again. If after carrying out the above checks you still cannot connect to the internet, kindly send a mail to support@ipnxnigeria.net