How do I change my Wi-Fi password?

Did you know you can change your Wi-Fi Password anytime without calling a service representative? To do this, you need to have an ipNX Self-Service Account. Not signed up? Please visit here now – 

Signed up on the Self-Service Portal? Follow these steps below to change your Wi-Fi Password:

  • Ensure your modem is powered on
  • Log in to the Self-Service Portal
  • Click on Manage Services
  • Click on Change Wi-Fi Password. (Please note that you can only change your Wi-Fi Password and not the Wi-Fi name/SSID)
  • Click on Wireless Device and you will see a drop-down box with numbers 1 –5.
  • You will notice that as you select a different number, the Network name/SSID changes. Select the number that displays your Wi-Fi name on the Network Name (SSID) field.
  • Input your New Password and click on Apply Changes.

The above steps should effect a password change. Once the changes are applied, kindly reconnect all your Wi-Fi devices using the new password.

Please send a mail to if you experience any issues.