Data Centre Interconnect Solution (DCI)

Our Data Centre Interconnect Solution (DCI) focuses exclusively on the provision of specialised high-speed connectivity between data centres.

It is strategically designed to promote greater productivity through un-interrupted transfers of large data, more efficient use of cloud-based applications, and seamless remote access to network resources.

Features of this solution include:

  • High Availability – 99.9%
  • Designed for seamless Data Replication between data centres
  • Bespoke – Designed with the ability to be tweaked to meet customer’s specific needs
  • Existing connection to all the major POPs in Lagos:
    • Medallion
    • NECOM house
    • IXPN
  • Multiple High-Capacity Routes – In and out of key data centres and Telecoms hubs
    • Rack Centre
    • MDXi
    • MTN, Ojota
    • Medallion
  • Low Latency – < 1ms (within Lagos)
  • Zero Packet Drop
  • High Speed – x1Gbps, x2.5Gbps, x10Gbps and 100Gbps
  • Dual-Homed Last Mile
  • Fast Packet Transport Network

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