Data Centre Operators

Leverage our seamless solutions on Broadband Internet and Data Transfer/Replication to reach multitudes of Destinations within and outside your network. Select from any of the solutions we have for you below:

Wide Area Network

Enterprise VPN
Managed last-mile communications network solution that enables medium and large enterprises to connect their sites across…
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Next-generation connectivity service that is designed to deliver high-speed Broadband Internet Access and VPN…
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High-speed, scalable and reliable connectivity solution that offers high-speed connectivity to medium and large, corporate, global…
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Data Centre Interconnect Solution
DCI focuses exclusively on the provision of specialised high-speed connectivity between data centres...
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Corporate Internet

Dedicated Internet Access
High-speed fibre-optic, dedicated, broadband solution that connects offices and devices to the Internet…
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ipNX Vantage Internet Access Solution
Single subscription, Enterprise-grade, 2-Sites, High Availability, and High-speed dedicated Internet access solution…
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