Connected Office

Blanket your Office or Business with complete Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi

ipNX Wireless Mesh SME (1)

Wi-Fi that covers every corner of your office

ipNX Connected Office is a complete wall-wall office Wi-Fi system that is powered by multiple ipNX Wireless Mesh points, which work together to blanket your entire premises in fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

ipNX Connected Office works by expanding your Wi-Fi coverage very quickly and easily to areas of your office with weak or no signals. Now you can say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones, drop-offs, and buffering.

ipNX Connected Office is also designed for businesses with lots of wireless devices which require a powerful Wi-Fi system to handle the demand. The system provides a better Wi-Fi experience for all your devices – from laptops, and mobile phones, to printers, scanners, POS terminals, etc.

What’s in it for you?


Eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and blind spots in your office.


Delivers quality signals that maximize the Wi-Fi speed per device.


Guarantees seamless transitions as you move around your office.

Ready to blanket your office or business with complete Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi?