Connected Home

Blanket your Home with complete Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi

ipNX Wireless Mesh 1

Wi-Fi that covers every corner of your home

ipNX Connected Home is a complete wall-wall home Wi-Fi system that is powered by multiple ipNX Wireless Mesh points, which work together to blanket your entire home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

ipNX Connected Home works by expanding your Wi-Fi coverage very quickly and easily to areas of your home with weak or no signals. Now you can say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones, drop-offs, and buffering.

ipNX Connected Home is also designed for households with lots of wireless devices which require a powerful Wi-Fi system to handle the demand. The system provides a better Wi-Fi experience for all your devices – from laptops, mobile phones, and gaming consoles, to Smart TVs and other IOT devices.

What’s in it for you?


Eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and blind spots in your home.


Delivers quality signals that maximize the Wi-Fi speed per device.


Guarantees seamless transitions as you move around your home.

Ready to blanket your home with complete Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to connect to ipNX Fibre Broadband in order to use the ipNX Connected Home and WiFi Mesh devices?

You will be able to use the devices anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. However, you must be an ipNX Fibre Broadband subscriber to purchase the devices.