How Wifi Works

It is important to know how wireless connectivity (or Wi-Fi) works so you can get the best experience, especially when accessing the internet. This is a guide that will help you make the right decisions when setting up your internet connection and your Wi-Fi network.

The ipNX FOS modem we install in your premises comes with an in-built Wi-Fi network router. The design of the building and location the device is installed may the determine the quality, strength and coverage of the Wi-Fi signal. For example, the thickness of the walls and how far away other rooms are from the FOS modem can affect your signal quality.

In order to maximize the Wi-Fi coverage across your home or office, you may require the use of additional devices to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Devices such as a wireless range extender or a standalone wireless router can be installed in areas of weak coverage and used to amplify the Wi-Fi signal strength.

For the best Wi-Fi experience:

1. When we come to install your ipNX FOS service, allow our installation team to test the Wi-Fi signal strength of the modem across your premises, particularly in the areas of interest for use of the service.

2. Where coverage is poor, our special geek squad team could evaluate, recommend and install the required devices to improve Wi-Fi coverage within your homes or offices.

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