Did you know, a slow connection may be caused by Wi-Fi issues?

Your Wi-Fi router plays an important role in ensuring that your internet connection remains fast and reliable. Issues that may affect your experience include: the distance from the router, interference by other appliances and multiple devices hogging the bandwidth.

The strength of the built-in Wi-Fi router can also be affected by weak signals based on factors such as thickness or width of the walls, distance and environment amongst others.

To isolate the cause of your slow internet speed, bypass the built-in Wi-Fi by connecting a computer directly to your Internet modem using a LAN cable. If the connection is as fast as it should be, there is a high chance that your router is causing your slowness. If your connection remains slow, kindly contact our Support Centre.

In order to obtain speed and improved service quality, you may have to obtain a range extender or external wireless router. It is however important that the following should be considered before purchasing a range extender or wireless router:

-Ÿ  Number of simultaneous connections: The maximum number of devices that can be connected to the router at the same time.

-  Range: The router coverage requirements.

-  Software and security features: This is important if you need to be in full control of everything that goes through your router.

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