ipNX increases minimum guaranteed speed to 20Mbps
13th July 2015

As part of the company's desire to revolutionise the broadband space in Nigeria through innovation, ipNX has increased the guaranteed speeds on it's fibre-optic broadband serivce, ipNX FOS. Customers can now enjoy amazing speeds starting from 20Mbps with a larger data allowance, a FREE telephone service and a FREE Live TV service with over 100 channels.

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ipNX launches Live TV (beta) on FOS
13th July 2015


ipNX recently introduced a new service to it's fibre-optic broadband service called Live TV. The Live TV service is an online service that gives customers access to a variety of entertaining television channels (movies, news, sports, documentaries, etc) and can be viewed online via laptops, desktops, tablets and/or smartphones.

The service can be accessed via the ipNX media management platform known as ipNX MediaHub. The Live TV service is only available to FOS customers and currently in beta (i.e. testing).

FOS customers can view the Live TV via ipNX MediaHub by going to www.ipnxmediahub.tv

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ipNX changes the game with guaranteed 10Mbps speed
18th November 2013


ipNX Nigeria Limited, one of the leading innovative ICT companies in the country has introduced for the first time in Nigeria, a 10Mbps Fibre-to-the-Home symmetrical speed service for just N10,000 per month. The service is available to residential customers in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt who live in areas covered by ipNX FoS service. Similarly, business customers will get 15Mbps broadband service for just N15,000 per month.

Commenting on this ground breaking achievement, the CEO/MD of ipNX Nigeria Limited, Mr. Ejovi Aror explained that ipNX FoS will immediately place Nigerian broadband users in the league of select few countries in the world that now have true broadband services running on Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network technology.

According to Mr. Aror, a 10Mbps broadband connection brings a whole new experience to Nigerian broadband users because not only can they now download files in a flash, carry out multimedia entertainment like online gaming, streaming videos online; carrying out video conferencing and watching clear television using the internet is now possible too.

This bandwidth upgrade is in line with the promise the company made to their customers that it would continually upgrade the speed and data allowance to enable consumers continue to get improved experience on their FoS service.

ipNX FoS service is widely available in Lagos Island Ikoyi, Victoria island, Lekki, as well as selected housing estates in Abuja and Port Harcourt. The network expansion for FoS is on-going as the company recently hinted that FoS should be available to their Lagos mainland customers from January 2014. We understand that there is a plan to align this announcement with the proposed launch of its IP Television (IPTV) which is currently on test transmission.

The roll out of broadband infrastructure in our country will completely change how families and businesses communicate as broadband has the potential to unleash significant economic development in communities where they are available. The Nigerian government through the Ministry of Communications Technology has set a target that by 2018, 16% of cities must have access to broadband services delivered via fibre-optic cable technology.

ipNX is a wholly owned Nigerian company that has been operating and delivering reliable ICT services to thousands of Nigerian businesses and families since 2001. Although operating in an industry that is not only fiercely competitive but one also prone to technology obsolescence, ipNX has continued to innovatively carve out its niche to stay one step ahead of competition. The success of the company so far can be attributed to its strategic and visionary leadership as well as its strict adherence to corporate governance principles and high professional standards.

The recent launch of FoS (Fibre Optic Services) offering 10Mbps broadband internet access speeds in Nigeria is clearly a shift from the norm and one that would surely open up internet users and businesses in Nigeria to greater possibilities. The roll-out of ipNX FoS service is on-going and will continue into 2017. The company hinted that it is already considering expansion into 5 other cities which is dependent on several factors.

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ipNX Deploys Fibre to the Home in Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt
25th September 2013


ipNX Nigeria Limited, the leading wireless broadband company recently announced that it will be deploying a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network covering three major commercial cities in Nigeria: namely Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

The network roll-out which commenced in Q4, 2012 is expected to reach 500,000 households in 2015 and 2 million in 2017, said the company in a news release.

According to ipNX’s head of Strategic Marketing, Mr Kazeem Shitu, services from the FTTH network will be launched under the brand name FoS (Fibre optic Service). FoS is currently available in selected areas of Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki. The service will be commercially offered to an initial 50,000 households and businesses within these areas as well as customers in Ikeja, Apapa and Surulere from November, 2013

ipNX FoS is a ‘quad play’ broadband FTTH service that will offer customers combination of high speed internet, fixed telephony service, IP-Television and Video Surveillance all bundled over the fibre optic network platform. This service which is the first of its type anywhere in the country is set to propel Nigeria into the select league of countries that can boast of having the true next generation broadband network.

Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) refers to a form of fibre optic cable technology that extends fibre optic cables from the network operator’s central office to a subscriber’s residence or business. Once in the subscriber’s home, the signal can be conveyed in any number of ways including wireless (Wifi) or twisted pair to simultaneously reach various IP-enabled devices.

With guaranteed speeds starting from 4Mbps (megabits per second), FoS allows users to access the internet at speeds at least 10 times faster than 3G, WiMAX-4G or DSL while also making it possible to carry out multimedia communications such as cable television, video conferencing and video surveillance etc.

These are surely good signs for the ICT industry in Nigeria especially for the Ministry of Communications Technology and Nigerian Communications Commission that have been in the fore front driving the growth of broadband penetration in Nigeria that is currently estimated at less than 5%. Industry analysts have attributed part of this low penetration to the paucity of local access infrastructure (commonly referred to as last mile) which is the gap that ipNX’s FTTH roll-out is clearly going to help close.

ipNX FTTH initiative not only aligns with the recently approved Nigeria’s National Broadband plan which targets FTTH deployments in major Nigerian cities but also exceeds the country’s policy target of providing 2.4Mbps bandwidth speed to Nigerian consumers by the end of 2013

The Broadband revolution in today’s information driven world is what electricity was to the Industrial Age. Not only does it have the power to transform how people live and work it also has the ability to totally change how businesses and governments operate and even compete in the global market space.

ipNX Nigeria Limited, a wholly owned and proudly Nigerian company commenced business operations in 2001 and has been in the forefront of providing reliable telecommunications and ICT services to businesses and residential consumers in
Nigeria. The company is vastly known especially in the financial services sector to be a network provider of choice; not surprising that every major player in the banking sector has chosen to further strengthen their IT strategy with network connections from ipNX.

In spite of the harsh business environment in the country, ipNX has continued to transform itself and strategically stay ahead of the industry in terms of technology innovation for the major purpose of adding value to the way Nigerians live and work.
With offices spread across 5 cities in Nigeria, this Nigerian company pioneering FTTH deployment to homes and the last mile is surely to be identified with.

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ipNX Fibre Optic Service offers a minimum speed of 4Mbps
25th September 2013

ipNX has introduced new broadband internet service plans on its Fibre Optic Service (FoS) for residents and small businesses. The service plans are highly competitive with guaranteed speeds starting from 4Mpbs. The days of a shared service are over. The FoS platform also guarantees a very high quality of service far above what is obtainable on any wireless network.

The service plans come bundled with a free telephone service with free calls within the ipNX telephony network and very affordable call rates to other networks for as low as N6.00 per minute.

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CBN introduces cashless policy for 2012
25th November 2011


The Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) will be implementing a new policy on retail cash collections and lodgements in all banks across Nigeria. The policy states that any over-the-counter transactions above N150,000 and N1,000,000 for individuals and corporate organizations respectively, will be penalised. This policy has been introduced to reduce the high usage of cash, moderate the cost of cash management and encourage the use of electronic payment options. The policy is to take effect from January,1st 2012 in Lagos and will spread to other commercials areas such as Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano and Ibadan later in the year.

In order to comply with this policy, all businesses are required to manage the level of cash being handled on a daily basis. ipNX encourages both new and existing customers to use all other convenient and easy-to-use payment methods we have provided.

All our shops have been equipped with Point-of-Sale (PoS) machines for all card payments and will accept bank drafts and cheques (please allow 3 working days for clearing). You can also make your subscription and telephone credit payments from the comfort of your homes or offices by visiting www.quickteller.com/ipnx and any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) with the Quickteller logo.



Payments can also be made at the following banks using PAY DIRECT: FCMB, Stanbic IBTC, Zenith, Oceanic and Skye Bank.


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  Get our broadband internet modem now for just N15,000.00
18th April 2011

In a bid to empower the community at large with reliable broadband internet, ipNX has reduced the price of its modems to just N15,000.00 only. The modem allows access for multiple-users and offers telephone services as well. Pick up one today for a true Broadband Internet experience.

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Call Nigerian mobile networks for only N12.50 per minute
23rd March 2011

Start saving on your telephone bills today for your business and social calls with ipNX telephone services. Enjoy crystal clear calls to Nigerian mobile networks for only N12.50 per minute. You can also make free on-net calls to other ipNX subscribers and the customer support centre.

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Customers can now make payments online or at ATMs
11th October 2010

ipNX is making life easier for its esteemed customers. Subscribers can now pay for subscriptions via the internet from the comfort of their homes and offices. Payments can also be made at most ATMs nearest to you. These fast and convenient payment options are part of the efforts ipNX is making to enrich your internet experience.

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Make calls for as low as N6.99 per minute
5th October 2010

The ipNX telephony service is one of the most cost effective means of making voice calls today. Subscribers enjoy benefits such as international calls as low as N6.99 per minute and FREE on-net calls to other ipNX subscribers. The service also allows you to receive and send fax.

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Ibadan Promotional Offer
12th April 2010

ipNX, in partnership with the Nigerian Communications Commission, are further empowering businesses and residents in Ibadan with a special offer on the iwireless Broadband modem.

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iwireless Broadband breezes into Ibadan
1st July 2009

The largest city in West Africa: Ibadan, can finally enjoy a true Broadband Internet experience courtesy of ipNX on her iwireless Broadband service. This new development will enhance business and lifestyle needs across the region, with the added feature of affordable telephone and fax rates. For more information, please contact us or visit our office at: 2b Aare Road, New Bodija, Ibadan.

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iwireless Broadband is now live in Kano
1st June 2009

ipNX is continuously creating possibilities and empowering communities as the unique iwireless Broadband service is now available in Kano. Residents and businesses alike can now experience true Broadband internet access and enjoy affordable telephone and fax rates that suit their needs. The service currently has coverage across the Kano Metropolis. For more information, please contact us or visit our office at: 7 Bompai Road, Hafsatu House, Kano.

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ipNX Telephony: A new way to talk!
1st March 2009

ipNX has launched a new voice service allowing iwireless subscribers and corporate organizations, to make calls like never before. Enjoy cheap international and local call rates (as low as N6.99/min), plus free calls within our network. Fax messages can also be sent and received using the service.

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iwireless coverage now available in Ikorodu
23rd February 2009

Residents of Ikorodu now have something to celebrate about... iwireless broadband is now available in your area.
The coverage areas are: Agric, Ogolonto, Ajegunle, Owode-Onirin, Sabo, Estate, Ita-Magan, T.O.S Benson Road, Sagamu Road, Eyita Estate and environs.

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iwireless now only N36,00
23rd February 2009

To create even more possibilities, the price of iwireless modems have been reduced, giving our subscribers more value for their money. Please contact us for further enquiries.

iwireless has launched in Abuja!
10th November 2008

Broadband in Abuja will never be the same again. i-wireless has arrived in the Federal Capital Territory, creating endless possibilities for the residents and businesses in the region. The reliable and fast broadband service (covering wide areas in Abuja) is set to change the experience level of internet access, telephony and fax users. Please view the full coverage areas from i-wireless pages.

iwireless Is Now In Port Harcourt!
6th July 2008

ipNX is proud to say that its i-wireless product is now available in Port Harcourt. This is just the beginning of the company's plan to roll out across major cities in Nigeria. Till now, only Lagosians have enjoyed broadband internet access like never before. Businesses and residents in other cities across Nigeria will soon come to experience the possibilities this service can bring to their lives.

The service went live today: 6th of July 2008. Coverage spans far and wide within Port Harcourt city. Please view the full coverage areas from i-wireless pages. The service was received with open arms, putting smiles on the faces of the people of Port Harcourt, who have longed for such a service. This new development also opens possibilities for companies such as banks needing ATM solutions and companies using point of sale services.


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